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Digital marketing solutions for real estate


Our solutions


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For properties that have a story to tell and one web page is not enough, we created Propsite, a dedicated website for one particularly property.

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Contentimmo delivers  custom-made articles, related to real estate and mentions your company and its staff 


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A proven strategy to manage your social media accounts and to increase engagement and reach new leads

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Social Media Marketing

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A powerful algorithm that shows your ads to the clients of your direct competitors

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Digital Agents

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Our intelligent newsletters are able to track the behavior of your contacts and inform you which prospects you should contact.

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All-in-one solution

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Save time

Online marketing is a constantly changing technology and is time-consuming to stay on top of the game. Our media buyers and social media managers are passionate about online marketing and are breathing social media 24/7.

More qualified leads & sales

Our concept enables you to promote your property to the perfect audience, which will result in highly qualified leads for the marketed property or others and more sales in the medium term.

More exposure

The campaigns will result in more exposure in an organic way. Unless other media where your brand and your properties are drowned in an ocean of other ads, our campaigns stand out and get all the exposure.

Save money

Our methods of ad buying and targetting are highly optimised which will achieve higher ROI's and lower investests. 

Clear results & advice

During the campaign, your account manager will point out which lead to reach out to and deliver transparent results at the end. 

Stronger brand

Engaging with prospective clients on a daily basis and provide interesting content will make your brand stronger and more professional. 


Real estate is in our DNA

Unlike other online marketing agencies, our account managers had professional experience in the past in the real estate business, so we speak your language.

We combine extensive know-how in real estate with online marketing, which results in unseen results for our clients.

Our focus is the property business and we can assist real estate agents and developers to achieve amazing results. 

Mr Briq is part of Quest for Clicks. 

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