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Capio is a powerful algorithm that shows your ads to the clients of your direct competitors.

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Who will be targetted?

 Potential buyers:


  • All visitors who are browsing the listings for sale on the websites of your competitors.

  • All individuals who search on real estate market places for similar properties


Potential sellers:

  • All visitors who are browsing on the pages designated for sellers ( "free estimation", references, reviews,...)  on the websites of your competitors.

  • Review websites for realtors

There is no doubt that the vast majority of targeted individuals, given their online behaviour, will be interested in your property or your services,  

and are potential customers for you!

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Where will prospects see the ads?

They will discover your ads while they browse social media or the internet by visiting their preferred sites. These websites have few ad placements,

so you will be much more visible!

In order to avoid ad fatigue, we will create multiple ads for the same campaign with different images and sizes.

We will prepare the announcements in different languages, allowing different nationalities to experience them in their own language.

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How much does it cost ?

The total budget for each campaign consists of two parts:

1. Campaign setup:

- extracting data followers
   (only for social media adverts)

- marketing plan
- design of several ads
- daily monitoring and adjustment of the 

- final report

Setup & management campaign : 375USD /month

2. Advertising budget:

The budget is based on geographical factors, in combination with the number of targetted websites. We invest this budget on the advertising platform in an auction- based model. The system works on a "Cost per Click" basis, which means that the amount is only debited when someone visits your site. Thanks to our experience, we can create campaigns that are 65% less expensive than similar campaigns to reach the same audience. 

Integration of artificial intelligence 

We updated Capio with a substantial integration of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Once the software has enough data (approximately after 10-15 days after the launch of the campaign), A.I will analyze all the facts and automatically show the ads more to the prospects who are more likely to convert.

This will result in more qualified visits! 


Weekly and

monthly reports

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We integrated a great data visualization tool to create beautiful, interactive reports.  We will provide weekly updates and a detailed report at the end of the campaign. Our clients will have a clear view of the number of impressions and site visits with in-depth details about age, gender, and location.  

"Capio is our #1 branding tool to target your dream clients in a very precise way. It is built to engage with the most relevant audience online for your business"

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