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Contentimmo delivers  custom-made articles, related to real estate and mentions your company and its staff 

Although the value of content marketing in real estate may not be obvious to everyone, it is an essential component of the equation if you want to sell homes. The initial step in any house buyer's research for a property is to explore online for available properties.

Create online materials - valuable content - to educate buyers and sellers, promote your brand, and create interest in your products and services using real estate content marketing. You may attract more traffic to your website or social media accounts through content marketing, engage your target audience, and generate more leads that you can potentially convert into paying customers.

Content marketing allows you to build that critical relationship with your audience and potential buyers. Customers like to do business with brands they recognize and trust, and as a realtor, you are practically a walking brand.


Time Saving

Writing content is time- consuming and requires a certain level of experience to be well executed. We focus on your content, you focus on selling properties

Search Engine


By posting blogs, videos, and social media updates, creating digital flipbooks of listings, among others, you can improve your overall Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the key ingredient in making Google and other search engines love your content and put you on the first page of search results.

Show your expertise

As a real estate agent or broker, your primary role is to help your customers address their problems by matching them with the properties that meet their needs and budgets. Great real estate content marketing helps you stand out from the rest. You need to provide potential buyers with information that helps them see you as an expert who can help them

Generate free advertising

Good content marketing answers people’s questions and addresses their worries as home buyers or sellers. When they find your blog helpful, your videos or photos visually stimulating, or your podcasts eye-opening, then there’s a good chance they will share it with their family and friends. 

Contentimmo provides you with one to multiple articles per month that are relevant to your audience.

These articles are personalized and contain mentions of your company or yourself.

These articles can be used to post on your blog, social media, and newsletters.






1 personalised article/ month

£75 / month

2 personalised articles/ month

£125 /month

4 personalised articles/ month

£200 / month

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