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Social Media Marketing

Our online marketing solutions on social media platforms are a great way to connect or reconnect with prospective buyers and sellers in order to create or to maintain leads.

Because of our own extensive experience in the real estate business ourself, we target immediately the right clients for your advertised property.

We are able to market your property on social media to individuals and households:

- living in the area

- on holiday in the area (in the case of holiday homes) 

- working in the area

- visited your website in the past

In addition, we integrate your properties into a powerful strategy that allows us to target all visitors to your competitor's websites and portal sites by showing your properties on their web browser.


Procedure of
a campaign


Analyse of the property to market

We analyse the property and its location to establish a marketing plan, tailormade to the type of property, size, budget and amenities.






Social media ads

12 ads/ year

(one ad each month)

£125 / month

26 ads/ year

(one ad fortnightly)

£225 / month

52 ads/ year

(one ad each week)

£390 / month

All packages include: 

- marketing plan for each ad campaign
- design of multiple ads for each campaign

- monitoring & adjusting of the ads during the campaign

- final report

All packages exclude:


- advert budget


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