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Digital Agents

As a modern-day real estate entrepreneur, you know the importance of a good website.

Obviously, your website is perfect on the back-end, the design is beautiful and you get enough visitors to your site every day.

In short, you currently have a good active website.

Our solution consists of making your website proactive.


Currently, stats are that about 2% of your visitors will contact you. Our solution will ensure that up to 20% of your visitors will contact you.

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Our solution "digital agents" is based on an innovative chatbot technology, combined with a team of experienced copywriters for the real estate sector.


We will create a custom-made chatbot for each page consisting of a property for sale/for rent or a page that talks about your services. This chatbot is launched every time someone visits the page and tries to get his/her details (email, phone number).

The platform is flexible and allows us to connect with all CRM softwares without any problem.

In addition, the solution is 100% responsive and we fully adapt the chatbots to the corporate identity of your company. The chatbots will blend into the design of your website unnoticed.

In terms of installation, adding a few lines of code per page is sufficient. Something that we are happy to do for you or can be done without any problem by the administrator of your site.

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The benefits of a chatbot for your real estate website are clear.


How does our solution compare to other chatbot solutions?

Facebook Messenger chatbot: a good option, but not proactive. The surfer must perform the necessary actions himself to launch a conversation. The Messenger chatbot is linked to one or more Facebook accounts, usually those of the business managers or those responsible for marketing within the office. During office hours, an attempt can be made to provide a quick answer to the prospect's question. If these individuals are not available (by appointment, outside office hours, during the weekend), the prospect may have to wait a long time for his answer, which leaves a negative impression.

Chatbot with AI: Artificial intelligence is already being used for chatbots. Unfortunately, this technology is still in testing phase, which usually leads to strange conversations between the chatbot and the prospect. This leaves a negative feeling in the prospect. This is also very expensive in terms of cost.

Chatbot with human operator:  Some use chatbots, which are operated by natural individuals. These will answer the questions of the customers or try to enter into a conversation with the prospect. This is a qualitative option, but very expensive for the European and American market.

Our digital brokers keep the middle ground between all technology, combined with an eye for budget and the surfer's experience on a 24/7 basis.

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0- 50 digital agents

50- 100 digital agents

100- 200 digital agents

200 + digital agents


£250 / month

£350 / month

£480 / month

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