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In the digital era, it's no surprise that customers prefer email and other means of online communication to traditional mail. Not only emails are less cumbersome at home, they can also be saved and viewed in the future, rather than being thrown away and lost forever.

And by implementing a unique email marketing campaign in your real estate industry, you can ensure you're in direct contact with potential sellers, as well as past and possible clients.

Our smartletters go one step further and follow even the behavior of your readers and point out which contact is a hot lead and needs to be contacted!

Besides this innovative function, Smartletters offer benefits and key elements such as:

The return on investment (ROI) of email marketing campaigns far exceeds all other marketing tactics combined. On average, real estate companies get a 4300% ROI for email marketing.

Increased Return on Investment

Almost 75% of real estate consumers prefer to receive commercial communications by e-mail rather than by traditional mail or telephone.

Observation of preferences

Digital experts have found that 50% of all real estate searches on Google are done from smartphones, which means consumers are likely to be able to immediately check their emails from the palm of their hand.


More than 50% of marketers today consider email their number one digital channel, which means that by implementing an email marketing campaign, your business can keep up with the trend in the marketing industry.


the Trend

Almost 80% of smartphone users aged 18-44 say email is the most crucial function of their device.


While running social media campaigns can help your real estate business effectively reach its target audience, the email conversion rate is nearly three times as efficient and achieves an average conversion value of 17 % higher than that of social media platforms.

Increased Conversion Rate

By using email marketing to promote your business, you can generate 50% more leads at a 33% lower cost. Not only is email marketing significantly more affordable, but you can use the money you save on marketing campaigns to develop and implement other beneficial marketing campaigns.


The greatest value of Smartletters to you is that it helps you stay in touch with the right people.
This solution will keep your agency in the minds of prospects all the time!
When your clients think of real estate, they will think of you!


1 mailing/ month
design mailing

analyse behaviour readers + report + consulting

£250 / month

*All prices exclude vat.

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